The old office is renovated into two premium apartments that is being rented out through airbnb – and rebranded into Ace Apartments.


The design agency (onezero grenland as) is merged with edison reklamebyrå and the new name is R8 Edge. The real estate company R8 Property facilitate the merger and becomes majority owner. ONEZERO HOLDING keeps 12.5% of the new company.


After years with making custom software for our clients, we co-found a technology company called MevoApp and create the MVP for the SaaS platform to prove the concept.


This year we completed the biggest project of all times, a complete rebranding of the oldest privately owned company in Norway – Ulefos. The company was founded in 1657, and have divisions and employees all over Europe.
We also won the award for design excellence (DOGA merket) for the logo and identity we created for Kunsthall Grenland.


We start a collaboration with Norsk Form “Design without Borders” and over the next three years we are joined by the Ugandan designers Ivan Barigye and Loukman Ali. With this collaboration we get to work with development projects such as identity for motorcycle helmets, labels for fruit-based beverages and a few of the projects is showed on exhibitions both at the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian design museum in New York, and Design and Architecture Norway in Oslo.


Playboard magazine is sold to Fri Flyt. And we buy a beautiful building in Porsgrunn that will become our office.


The company has been growing for a while and now have six talented souls on the payroll. The first employee Jon M. Pedersen also steps up and become a partner, and general manager of the company – while Kristian Grønevet focuses on the role as Creative Director.


We love collaborations. Together with grandpeople we make a website for KHiO called “masterminds”. And as a joint venture with sixty we created a digital product called “faktor community”.


For some reason we started a record label called “bullet records”, and managed to publish two records before we realized how much work it was. We also booked some concerts together with Christin Malen Andreassen under the name “bullet booking”.


Together with Bjarne Bergsager, Jan Prokes, Rune Feyling and Ole Petterson we buy the Norwegian snow/skate/surf company Playboard Magazine. At that point it is the biggest action sport magazine in Northern Europe with a print run of nearly 30.000.


ONEZERO is officially registered as a company by nineteen year old designer Kristian Grønevet. The first few years we had a tight collaboration with tenk kommunikasjon, and collaborated on projects for Canon Norway, Dagbladet and NRK.


The name “ONEZERO” is used as a handle/nickname on various online design forums by Kristian Grønevet, and later used as a collaborative handle by Kristian and Jon A. Gaasland for various music and art related design projects.